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As the new group has continued to evolve its concept over its lifespan with the latest album, I Love You, to be released in July, it is time to take a look at the group’s history and what it might be in 2 years. According to the leader of the group, BTS, BTS’ last tour to include the U.S. was in 2012, and it was to be their first time outside of South Korea. The group left Korea in August and is currently on their 10th stop from their previous one with the United States. Their first date in America will be at the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards.

The group released their first single on July 21st, the song “Spring Day,” which is about not wanting to leave your home because of the weather. They recently returned from South Korea, and are headed for a big festival, so it may be time to start planning your trip to the States. BTS’ first appearance in America will be at the BET Hip Hop Awards on December 2nd in Chicago, Illinois and will be a part of the festivities. Stay tuned for more details on this important announcement.

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AMY GOODMAN: We break now to join us from our offices in New York—we’re on the floor in the East Room at the White House. President Obama’s press secretary, Josh Earnest, is also on the floor.

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PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: OK, here is the president.

SEN. OBAMA: Hi, everyone. This is the president of the United States.


SEN. OBAMA: I have to go through to the Rose Garden now, but I’ll be right back. Let me just go through the top two or three topics. He’s been in the United States Senate for nearly four years now. He’s not running for office again. He’s focused on some of the things that are important, but they include issues that he cares about, like national security, as well as things like the economy and healthcare and education and the federal budget, which is one of his priority areas.

SEN. OBAMA: And then the issues are economic development and opportunity, economic security and prosperity, the need to protect those who are most vulnerable, and the need to continue down the path towards peace and prosperity. Those issues are very personal to

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