Is gangsta rap a genre? – Flocabulary Auth Key

Gangsta rap is a genre—but also a subculture, which is why people who identify as gangsta rap are often more open to a more positive message than other rappers. The most recent example of this is Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop,” a track that’s meant as a critique of the hyper-consumerism that has become the defining form of mass society. Gangsta rap isn’t anti-market, it’s instead a condemnation of the way so many American people are living.


The music is all but identical to the music we hear on rap groups like the Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill. There’s no “I hate your style!” or “My momma ain’t got niggas like you!” They’re all about getting what they want, and getting it quickly. Gangsta rap also uses the phrase “gangsta culture” because it’s the epitome of what it seems to be against—the violent, destructive, destructive ways that the youth of America are living. We hear that message on the message boards and on YouTube and in a myriad of mainstream music videos that have nothing to do with gangsta rap. We see these lyrics in songs like Jay Z’s “Runaway:” “I know, all these rappers are trying to make money.” The fact that he’s just getting his money out the door is probably a hint that gangsta rap is really about getting rich quick. The whole point of gangsta rap is that you can get what you want, and you do it in the most destructive manner possible. It’s an attitude that’s been the biggest target for mainstream media for years, even as it’s been one of the few places where people have finally gotten some airtime criticizing it.

The new-look Stuttgart were outplayed 7-1 by the German champions last term, with the Blues missing out on qualification for the Europa League.

They are currently seventh to 11th in the table, three points adrift of the relegation places, with their fans determined to make the difference on matchdays when they go to watch their side play.

“The club wants to show it is serious about being in the elite league in the Premier League,” said coach Thomas Tuchel.

“So we are putting all the attention we can on Stuttgart,” Tuchel added. “It is always better to be at the back-end to have a lot of attention.”

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