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In order to find out just how great a genre of music is, we must first determine whether or not it is an art form.

Although rap has been around for about a thousand years, it is considered by many to be an art, and has been given its own category of art history.

As of 2014, the term “rap” is considered a “cult” for its influence and influence in music industry. The hip-hop community, especially those that are in the New York and Los Angeles coasts, are extremely focused towards the rap, and it shows.

In order to determine the true nature of the rap genre, it is important to first establish what art is.

An Art is what the artist uses.

In other words, to define a genre of music as the “rap music” or “hip hop music” would be to define their sound and not the person responsible for designing all the elements of the music.

To take the best of what is hip-hop today, Kanye West, Kanye West, Drake, Nas, Lil Wayne and T.I., amongst many others, have developed unique and original compositions that are truly of art.

As the “hip hop music” or “hip hop music genre” gains in popularity, it slowly begins to have a more traditional sound, more defined by hip hop’s main components, including the vocals along with dance music and rap.

This change, however, is not without debate as the mainstream music industry has made their own move and have now labelled these artists as the “hip hop” music.

To keep up to date on their artists, be sure to follow the official Twitter account for the artist.

If hip-hop is an art form, but it isn’t rap, then who else could it be? Let’s analyze an artist that might come to your mind.


As someone that grew up on this music, Eminem has a very unique sound and the “Eminem” on the front of his shirt is a representation.

One of Eminem’s songs from his debut, “Relapse,” has a rap on the background. It can best be described by saying the first line of the song is “Eminem, what your going to do, say rap?”

This line is essentially saying that Eminem is going to make rap sound like an art form in a way that is very similar to the way the words are written in “Rap

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