Is rap short for something? – How To Rhyme Rap

Because that’s what it IS. This isn’t music. This isn’t anything. This is bullshit. Rap is NOT fucking music. I don’t want to be a rapper. I don’t want to represent rap. Rap is fucking crap. Rap was invented by a white dude. He wrote a bunch of fucking lyrics. He didn’t even sing the shit. He just wrote a couple of things. He wrote songs. That’s exactly what I’m on about. That’s what’s wrong. Just because I get a big fucking following, or like 30,000 followers (which is pretty nice for anyone, right?) doesn’t mean I’m a rapper. I’m not a rapper.

I’m actually trying to be a rapper. In a sense. My shit isn’t that much different than the shit that everybody is on, when the fuck you get to 30,000 followers. People who are really popular are on the level of that guy who got 40,000 followers. I’m on the level of him. People like what I have to say because it’s not bullshit like “Yo, look how much money I’ve made.” I don’t put myself next to a rapper to get a free shit. It’s just the opposite. If you hear people talk shit about me on Facebook, and you want to say that I’m a rapper or I’m somebody big who has this huge fan base and a lot of money, let me tell you something. I’m not some fucking rapper.

I have no fucking money. I have no money. I know people in New York that can go back and forth between what they do for a living and the number of rap videos they have that they’ve ever made (or still have, I guess), but I don’t make a goddamn dime off that shit. I try to use it as a platform for my voice, but if they like what I have to say, like, “I like your songs, man. I love your songs – do you want me to write for you next?” Then I can do that. They know who I am, and they know why I’m in this business. That’s how it should be. That’s the way it should be.

I wouldn’t give a fuck if some white dude just said, “Yo, rap is cool, man, but the music has nothing to do with the art.” I don’t care. If some white dude says, “Yo, listen! Rap isn’t art,” I’m just like

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