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Bolivia has the second biggest mining industry in the world. Its economy was once the main source of employment for a third to a half of the population. Now, the majority of the population has been made redundant because of mining projects that has killed thousands of jobs.

The mining sector has been a key contributor of poverty in the country, and is the single biggest contributor of the country’s GDP. Bolivia has a national unemployment rate of over 50 per cent and is the fifth highest poverty rate in the world (according to World Bank). It has the highest rate of youth unemployment in Latin America, second only to Venezuela.

Bolivia has been one of the poorest countries in the world for decades and the government has been using cheap loans and public spending to cut spending and raise taxes in order to bring this about. Inflation has been above the national average for years, and is expected to increase further due to high oil prices.

A Bolivian government spokesperson said, “Bolivia does not have the wealth or resources to absorb all of the migrants that move here with the dream of being mining engineers, or teachers”, they instead will try to attract them back by offering a better, higher paying job to those who remain, and then allow them to return to their own country.

The president of the Mining and Energy Workers Confederation, Gustavo Graziani , spoke of how the country has been taken advantage of “because of the greed of those who have been very greedy, including the current government”. Graziani urged people to “demand more respect for the law” and “ask where the money is coming from”.

The International Labour Organisation estimates that the region has lost around 700,000 workers to mining and oil companies since 2006. The company involved in the latest protest – the Teva Corporation – has been in the region for decades, through a consortium of companies that include Anglo-American and British Petroleum.

Mariela Caceres, the secretary general of the Mining and Energy Workers Confederation, said,