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I was actually expecting the definition. So I thought at least, you know, one and one half seconds. Not 4 seconds. 2 bars.”

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I really do not have enough of the things that they are telling me.

I am in the process of moving this day. At present, I do not own a car, because I like car rides and it is what I was introduced to. I do own a couple bicycles, but no car and my mother who is a homemaker, would love to give me a car if I want one.

I have been living with my parents since I was 17 and have been together with my mother since they came to Canada. For those of you who will not have been in an abusive relationship, I understand that this will take time. We have been together, for 8 years, and she has been my main source of support and care, always.

I have always had and will continue to have no trouble finding a place to live in a nice neighbourhood for my own security and well-being. While there are the usual reasons why most people move, I believe this to be the primary reason that this particular situation became such a hot potato throughout our relationship. People who were already living with someone did not really know the other’s needs at the same time and found it hard to see the value in staying together unless things really drastically changed.

We are currently in the process of moving and it is going to be longer than I originally planned on. I need to buy a car and I don’t want to. My friend who is not in the situation I am and who has a home and property she owns, needs a car. My family and I already have an apartment and have had a car since I was 15. Having a car makes me too nervous. I have learned not to even ask questions if someone does not have one in the apartment building they are renting. I need a car, and I already own two!

After all, we have been told in the course of our relationship that if you move away from your partner, that you will lose the ability to be in a relationship with them forever, no matter how long it takes. This is all true, but only if everyone is in agreement, meaning if the person who had to leave and the person who was going to stay with them

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