What are the easiest words to rhyme with?

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What are the hardest words to rhyme with? Find out with our rhyming contest.

The city’s top prosecutor and the special prosecutor in the investigation into Trump-Russia connections are both now questioning her, with one saying it appears she was pressured to drop the probe.

Deputy District Attorney Lisa Wirchler is currently on leave due to her decision to take an unpaid leave to work with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

She’s apparently being called upon again by Special Counsel Bob Mueller to step in should she decide to fire Mueller.

This comes at a crucial time for Mueller, as he’s currently working to corroborate and then, ultimately, indict Hillary Clinton.

At issue is whether there was a deal made with Russia, which could have potentially endangered the country’s security.

Here’s Wirchler’s statement, according to Raw Story:

As a senior prosecutor, I have the legal authority and duty to decide whether to file charges. As a former prosecutor, I have been instructed to defer to the special counsel. Under the circumstances that have emerged thus far, however, I have concluded that my professional duty dictates that I should assume the duties assigned to me by the Office of the Attorney General — that is, recuse myself from any questions relating to the appointment of or the possible appointment of Bob Mueller, as well as any possible investigations related to the matters under consideration by the special counsel. I have taken the steps stated above to determine whether there has been any coercion of an objective truth in this matter and, if there has, to recuse myself from all matters related to the appointment of Bob Mueller, the matter involving the Clinton e-mails, as well as matters under consideration by the special counsel. In addition to the recusal, in addition to recusing myself from any matters regarding the appointment of Bob Mueller, I will also recuse myself from any matter involving the handling of the Clinton e-mail matter.

Now, as per The Daily Caller News Foundation, Wirchler and her boss, District Attorney Kevin Steele, are now investigating the case, so it’s highly questionable whether or not they both agreed upon the decision not to drop Mueller’s probe or how they are being influenced by Mueller’s investigations.

In the meantime, The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that Wirchler reportedly asked the FBI to obtain immunity in the investigation, but the FBI declined the request.

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