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A lot of times, the drum track is the biggest contributor to an album, but there are a lot of other factors to consider. For example, as a producer you’ll want to incorporate some electronic effects and instruments, just as you would a DJ or other DJ. It’s very important that the beats don’t sound too electronic. For example, you may want an acoustic-sounding song where you want a punch that can get out of your speakers. Or it’s important to use a few different samples to create different moods in the track. If you want to create a soundscape or space around your beats, you’ll want to include different instruments or synthesizers for added depth in your mix.

Do rappers need to be good singers?

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The main thing is, do they really want to be singing? I’ve personally never thought about having them sing on top of the beat, when they can get the vocal sound themselves.

How do rappers communicate to their fans?

Obviously, you’ll hear their lyrics and have a connection to what’s actually being said. However, it’s also very important to give feedback on the way they’re playing the drum. You have the ability to have a deeper understanding for how a rapper is playing the drum set. It’s good to take notes and keep these suggestions in mind throughout the process.

Do rappers need extra attention to create consistent and cohesive sounds?

Sometimes you might need to have rappers on a regular track to keep the drum sound consistent and not mess up the timing of other tracks.

Some rapper’s sound like they’re trying to hide a beat when in fact it’s playing over your beat, making it hard to tell which track is which. What do you do about it?

You can either go straight to the mix or make some sort of audio-visual cue. For example, I have a beat in the studio with a few different drums and I’ll have one person playing the drums while others do the vocal. A quick sound check will tell which is which, which makes making an accurate mix a lot more fun!

When a rapper leaves the studio, do you make sure they’re gone to a safe place?

If a rapper decides to leave the studio, it’s important that you make sure the sound they make on their new track doesn’t sound too similar to the original track. There’s a huge potential for misinterpretation from these artists. One way to deal with this is to go back and add

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