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The first question was, do these guys need their own show?! They’ve made music for over 16 years, and we could have used a bit more content than a YouTube playlist. So we tried to do something a bit different so the fans could get involved, talk, and listen.

What are your influences for the series?

The biggest influences would be, you know, the late Michael Jackson, and, of course, the New York rap scene in the 70’s and 80’s. I think it was the first time that a group of artists came together to create something that sounds like its own genre of music. It’s like, “What else could we do?” We have this cool, fresh-wort, ’80s look. And it also has a good rap hook. When you listen to Eminem’s music, that’s a really cool hook.

Do you think there will be an Eminem album like the early ’90s?

I don’t know about that. It isn’t just coming out right now, it’s over 20 years in the making. That will come, but it’s over 20 years at this point. We’re not going to do it tomorrow.

What’s your current focus?

I would say, there’s been a lot of changes as far as our music goes. We started with ’97 and we’ve had many different people in there that we’ve worked with over the years, so it’d be impossible for me to talk about one thing specifically anymore. Just like with the music, we do focus on two projects right now: ’09 and ’13. I believe there’s a lot more coming out, but I have a hard time saying all the things are written out.

Is ’13 your album?

We’re not gonna talk about it. The first half of the album we had a big budget to make, and we worked it into the last three songs. It’s a whole different set of songs in it. The last two are completely different and in two different directions.

Is that a big difference?

I think in some ways it sounds like Eminem has always taken a different route, which is to make a new album. ’13 has a lot more of a focus on the music now. But there are some similarities in the sound in regards to both.

What is it about ’03’s ‘No Promises’?

It’s an instrumental album in a way, and Eminem started

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