What genre of rap is Eminem? – Learn Rap God Fast Part Slowed Down

We don’t think his style fits our genre of rap. He’s more pop-rap. Even the title of the album, “Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP 3,” is more pop than rap.

How much of your music is autobiographical or based on your experiences?

Yeah, I guess I have a huge amount of experience with myself and my life, but I’m not a very good writer. But when you write something that’s not autobiographical, it just gets lost. People are like, “Oh, your voice sounds like it’s coming from Eminem,” and you don’t quite know whether you’re telling a good story or if it’s just that Eminem is a really cool guy.

Did you record the music yourself or did someone record it for you?

He’s a producer.

Can you tell me more about the production?

The music for ‘Amen’ is written a lot of the time, but he’s just like a writer as well. He has a really strong imagination and he creates this vibe. I didn’t write that much. The rest is written from his perspective. “Gone” is my own style, but I guess people love the production just because they can really get into it. It’ll be cool to see what that sounds like live.

Can you tell me about all of the songs?

There are a lot because I thought of so many. I can’t really remember all of them, even though I do know they all sound similar.

I’m interested in the music as a whole, but when it plays out from that perspective, it sounds so epic but it feels so small.

Yeah, a lot of my work is about me going through this roller coaster of self-doubt and being in my own head. Even just the songs are so small that if I don’t listen to it live, if I don’t have my laptop, if I’m away from my computer all day I can get lost in it because it gets lost in my mind.

How is your relationship with the people in your music video?

They give everybody a little bit of love and encouragement. It’s a family, I guess. I don’t really know them, but they tell me if I do something in the video that they really like and it gets my attention. They want me to feel good.

You’re the only person who gets to go in front of the

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