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It makes me curious. It makes me question myself about what made me who I am as a whole. It makes me want to understand what made me who I am.

How did you decide to be black for Eminem?

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I went through that process. It became the most real thing I thought I would ever have and it was the most comfortable thing ever. At that time, it was a way for me to be myself. It was a way to be a real human being — not at all like the one I saw on MTV or in the movies that I saw growing up. That was something that was more real about that moment in time. You could be a real human being like that.

When did you first meet Eminem?

It’s hard to pinpoint at this point. We were just at a club the night before the Grammy Awards. I was like, “Man, I really like this guy. I’m really into what he’s doing… This should be a great year on the music front for him. I want to help. Help to help to help to make the world better.” He’s already a super producer. At that point, I was like man, I’m just going to be in the studio and work to get ready for the Grammy.

What’s it like being in the studio with Eminem?

It’s like an army. It’s so loud. You’ve always known it’s going to be loud. The space is super tight and it’s a tight space. There’s never any room for mistakes. The whole point is, I want it to work for him and make it better than it is now and make it better for me and for him. I want him to succeed with it and make something better for everyone.

Was there ever a moment when he made you uncomfortable in the studio?

There was a couple moments on this album where he was like, “I’m going to be real like this and I’m not going to let you think I’m being all hip-hop and this and this.” If that’s the way it goes, it’s great because that’s just what comes with hip-hop. Everything that goes down is going to have a flow. Everything that goes down with him and the music and the production, you know what I mean? It’s a crazy, crazy thing. I don’t know how to describe it as anything other than it’s totally chaotic and weird at the same time. It’s crazy and

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