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What are some of the main contributors?


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I guess when I was a kid, I was reading a bunch of rap music. I was pretty young, and I was really into the underground scene, like the old school thing or the hard stuff. I was influenced mostly by the underground rap guys I grew up listening to, like N-Dubz, Ice Cube, and K-Ro.[laughter] I didn’t take it seriously, it was never something that I thought was really smart. I actually didn’t have good ideas. So it was just like kind of like some things I read were cool and like I should try it out, and I actually tried it out. I started listening to a bunch at the young age, like 18 to 22 where I was really into it. It wasn’t something I thought was very smart, but it was cool. And then when I left school and dropped out of highschool it hit me: I could take it serious. It was like the ultimate confidence booster, like I could be a rapper, you know? That was how I found out about making beats, it was like it was the coolest thing in the world to know that there was a place where I could just be a rapper. And that was like my whole approach to getting into production, making beats, and just trying to push myself as far as I could.

So your first album released was like 2003?

Yeah. And I think I had to put three albums out to make it happen. I had no money then so I had to work it out. So the album came out in 2003, I think it was like 4 years after I dropped out of highschool, and I had to put four albums out to pay the bills, you know? [laughter] It was really bad. And then after that I was just putting in a lot of time on the production side of things, making beats.

There were a lot of people who really contributed to the whole culture and the culture at large, and I remember how I was just starting out, like, I had like the computer, the game and the stuff, and I didn’t even know if I could put anything together, basically. [laughter] When I started making beats I was literally just getting paid for writing songs for people on these underground radio stations, and so I was just getting paid very little for it, literally nothing. So with the help I had from friends it all just got better, so that was

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