What is considered gangster rap? – Learn Rapids

It’s an offshoot of rap and rock that is usually made up of members who are heavily involved in gangs. The most well known ones are MC’s Eminem, Tupac, Outkast and Biggie the Love Sponge. But there are more than 2 million gangsters and hundreds of thousands that are known as rap’s underworld.

What is a gang?

A gang is made up of 5 people, each of whom is armed with firearms. If they cannot shoot each other they will attempt to kill each other. There are about 1,000 different gang groups and sub-groups of gangs.

What are these different types of gangs?

Many of these gangs have very specific rules and guidelines as if they are part of any particular school. There are gangs that are just street gangs, gangs that are very serious in regards to killing and serious in regards to stealing. In this group there are a very long list of rules that the men follow. Some of the main rules and directives that are followed are:

Rule 1: No drugs or alcohol at all

Rule 2: No illegal weapons or gangs/battalions

Rule 3: Don’t get involved with any gang or gang-related people

Rule 4: Don’t go to parties (clubs)

Rule 5: No gambling or hookers

Rule 6: Don’t get involved with prostitutes

Rule 7: Don’t go down to the street (boulevard) at night.

Rules 8: Never get caught with anything illegal (guns, drugs and illegal drugs etc.)

Rule 9: Stay away from clubs that are known for illegal activities

Rule 10: Get out of the hood at night.

Rule 11: Don’t get involved with anyone that will steal your money, goods, car.

So as far as I am concerned that last rule is the most important part of all and that is that everyone stays out of the hood at night.

What about drug/alcohol use?

People who drink, especially when they have had too much to drink will be shot on the spot. They will be gunned down in a cold blooded manner in an instant or at the point of a gun, regardless of the amount of alcohol they have consumed.

What are the drugs and/or alcohol?

For these gangs it is very common that you will hear people using drugs or alcohol at any time. This is a very common reason why gangs

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