What rhymes perfect? – How To Learn Freestyle Rapping Rhyme

“What rhymes perfect,” he mumbles.

“The reason I wanted them to go with the whole song is because it’s very much, ‘What rhymes with perfect?’, the whole idea of it is to give it to you in that first person. It just sounds, uh, perfect.”

Mendelsohn says that he has a few questions in mind to be answered, but he won’t reveal the answers, as they’re secret. “If you ever want to know what I think, you gotta go to the end and ask me that,” he says.

And Mendelsohn’s a keen musician, particularly when it comes to the music of Neil Young and Bob Dylan. “I like to study Neil Young’s songs and Dylan’s songs,” he says. “When I went in to look at the song for “Merry Go Round”, I thought, if the guy who did ‘Molly’s Theme’ was playing on it, I think it would sound good as well.”

Mendelsohn also is a keen music historian and has consulted on TV programmes such as The Sopranos and The Wire. Asked when he became interested in the work of Neil Young and Bob Dylan, Mendelsohn laughs.

“I was reading a review of Neil Young’s album ‘The Moon and the View’ back in the late 90s and that inspired a lot of things for me,” he says. “Back in the day, I was an old soul, so my first taste of, like, The Beatles was an English song called ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’. It was a ‘Waltz for Marie’ song. I think it was the same artist as Bob Dylan. I think that’s kinda what attracted me to Neil Young. He did the songs that made the best records.”

What is it about these great American songwriters, he asks, that inspires his interest?

“Well, for us, it was like a lot of people, it was like an influence. With Bob Dylan—even before I knew him—like, I’d never heard any of his music before. I heard the first time he wrote “Ballad of a Thin Man” in the late 1940s, but when I saw him, he had this very powerful voice. If you listen to his album ‘The Final Cut,’ it’s amazing—he played all these different parts and you can really hear it. He’s such a talented musician, but

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