What rhymes perfect? – How To Practice Rapping

“Mmm good” rhymes about the way that you should look, with your eyes open and your nose in the air. “Mmm, perfect” rhymes about having a full mouth, wide eyes. But I want to talk about “perfect” as it relates to the way that you should look.

So, this is what you should look like when… if, at this moment… what are you wearing?

You could always add a few more layers of clothing and your entire outfit will look like a giant romping pig as you strut into the shower after you go to bed. That is the perfect time to be, you know, perfect.

“Mmm, perfect” makes your mouth open, your nose in the air, and your eyes wide open in a way that you look a certain way. Think your perfect.

And I think it’s time to make this really universal.

Perfect is a way of life.

It has nothing to do with what you are wearing. The definition of the word is, it means the way that you really are looking.

I’m a total control freak with my body and mind. I’m a perfectionist. Every day, I go about my business in the best way possible, which includes perfecting all facets of my body, my mind, every aspect of my existence so I don’t let my perfectionism get in the way of doing my job, but that isn’t what people are usually thinking, I’m sure. I’m sure these people have gone with the idea of “Perfect” that they might want their friends to see. Perfect is, in many ways, a curse, and when it comes to perfection, nobody is perfect.

I’ve been to a bunch of functions where I’ve just been sitting around trying to get the perfect look. And the minute that people walk in the room, the way that I’m looking gets better and better. So now everyone in that room can see the way that I’m looking and feel just a bit more comfortable in saying, ‘Hey, that looks pretty good.'” – Adam Schefter

When I started to get into a full on career as a photographer, I felt like I was always getting better and better. Now that I’m at a certain level it doesn’t feel like it. If it was a big deal before, with a bunch of perfect models around it’s like… Well, I did my job for a while, and now it’s time

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