What rhymes with lots? – How To Write A Rap Song

The best of many things – a kind of “unfinished” rhyme in the sense of incomplete but somehow connected.

“We used to sing ‘I used to be so high, we used to hit the big time’ as a song and now we’d be on the internet and there’d be some fans reading that song and they’d just start getting angry and thinking ‘what rhymes with lots?’ and we’d look like we’d just been hit by a truck and not know what to say so we just took it as another reminder of our shortcomings.”

In the end, though, it wasn’t a particularly useful reminder.

“A lot of people thought it was a kind of a self-congratulations song and we thought it was the most fun thing to sing in years.”

Image caption Adam is the first guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

At the time, most of the songs on his debut album were collaborations, where he’d play with other vocalists and have them record in a live setting or studio.

Adam was then in his early 20s and had no experience of the recording process.

“The first record we made was like a three-dimensional film, so it was about a year and a half from the time we put up our first track until the point we actually took it to the studio.”

He had two microphones running all over the place to get his sound, and the sound was so full-featured that no-one would ever mistake it for anything else.

The problem with it, though, was that he couldn’t find somebody to take part.

It was the kind of problem Adam has been facing ever since.

“I’ve always been a singer who wants people to sing a song and I want them singing, so I’m always trying to find other people to sing for me.

“I was just a bit unlucky that the first singer I heard at the school concert was Chris Brown and so I called out to him and it turned out the singer for the rest of the school was Adam.”

Adam had an audition with Chris and it went well until Chris stopped singing by way of a punchline.

He asked Adam if he wanted to go back to the studio. Adam was thrilled.

“He was my biggest fan then so I went and recorded a couple of tracks, got my friend Chris to record three other tracks and did the entire album in a week

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