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The song to get the word “rap” out of your head? It was probably called “What About Us?” by the Beastie Boys. And it doesn’t start out as rap, but you eventually start to get the chorus. But you see this was a time where this was the first rap song, and it didn’t sound like hip-hop. I think it was a little bit of a misdirect, but it was a perfect piece of art that put together all these ingredients to make this song.

You were an avid supporter of hip-hop long before its popularity exploded. When you saw the music videos for a group of rappers, including Jay-Z and Pusha T, the first thing you thought were they were making this music for women?

I’m still in awe that they were doing these videos. I’d love for the word to go from “aww” to “I love this music.” I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go, but my parents made me stop and say, “You don’t have to do that.”

Why are they doing this? I’ve always looked at Hip-Hop as male-centric. There are very few women rappers, and I think hip-hop has a certain amount of misogyny in the first part of it. But they’re giving up this misogynistic thing, because they’re getting really successful with it. The lyrics are funny, they have an attitude, they’re not afraid to show affection—which is a huge advantage for a woman in hip-hop. They want to be cool, and they don’t care what anybody thinks. They look at a boy and say, “This is what you’ve been working for.”

Who is the next big name in hip-hop that you support? For me, that’s Rick Ross. He’s a very talented guy.

He’s one of my favorite things to see on TV. That’s all I tell fans: “If you could only see somebody on television who’s awesome and you’re awesome, you’d be at the right place.” But I think Rick Ross has one of the most badass moves in Hip-Hop, because there’s never anything negative. There’s always something positive.

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