What word rhymes with hamburger?

It’s a hamburger!

And the name rhymes with a good one

If you’ve ever been at a diner in New York City,

You know it’s hamburger-o,

and if you’ve spent any time with anyone who works there,

Then you know it’s burgers,

and if your friends have told you it rhymes with hamburger,

It rhymes with the truth.

I guess that explains why I love burgers and I try to buy them at restaurant’s. It’s like the best part of the day where you can stop in and grab a few of those steamed buns and get one. They’re all good! But I’ve always loved a bad hamburger, right? It reminds you just how bad things really are in the rest of the world.

This post is not sponsored by Burger King or Taco Bell.

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If you’re having trouble playing “The Sound of Your Heart” you can download the original MP3 file: https://soundcloud.com/josh-jones/the-sound-of-your-heart-theoretical-music-songs

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The music and lyrics are all original, written by Josh Jones, except for the last two songs (which are written by a friend). These aren’t intended to be re