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Pretty. No, I mean pretty girls. (Laughs) And nice little girls. I don’t want a pretty boy. (Laughs)

I’m just curious what it meant to you when you were the girl.

Oh, oh, Oh oh. It was like…like…I used to think I would feel comfortable with everyone I met. I would feel comfortable with people as soon as they got to know me, and then they could talk to me. And like…if I made eye contact with someone and they felt it…it gave me some confidence. (Laughs) But a lot of the time it ended in tears.

Was it weird to start having those conversations with yourself?

Well it kind of does make sense, because girls were never supposed to start having…relationships with boys in the first place. In our society. You know, we were expected to stay at home. I’ve seen too many people who want to start a relationship with a guy, but then they realize they are not interested. They didn’t have the courage to have a conversation. So it does make sense that girls, when they are told no, if they were to start having relationships with boys, they would, they would start being uncomfortable about those feelings. They would kind of get into a rut. (Laughs) So it makes sense that if you are getting into contact with guys, you can begin to feel uncomfortable if they are getting too close or too direct. That’s why I started having conversations. (Laughs) They were a relief to me. It made me feel good and relaxed. They were…I was in love with them, and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone. So I was able to start feeling okay about myself.

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When did you get to know your daughter, and when did you start dating? When you thought, Oh okay, this girl is going to be great. You know?

Yes. It happened in 2013. Because I’ve been with my husband for 7 or 8 years. I didn’t want to go into a relationship right away. I didn’t want a relationship with anyone right away… I was in love, but I wasn’t ready for a relationship.

I always knew she was interested in guys. Her friends would talk about him. I don’t know if I was one of their favorites; I didn’t know I was the favorite, I just knew I wanted to talk to him. My friend just always said,

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