What’s MC short for? – Rap God Fast Part How To Learn

MC is short for mensch (pronounced like men’s).

MC’s are typically a white male. MC’s are also referred to as White Male Culture.

MCs have a white penis, big, dark brown eyes, long black hair, and a beard.

MCs love to drink.

MC’s are usually very creative in what fashion they wear. It’s very rare for a MCo to dress as a normal, generic guy with a red shirt and blue jeans and be dressed as a man.

Most MC’s are heterosexual. Some have gay/lesbian relationships that some MC’s call “love”.

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Do MC’s get along?

MC’s do not get along. Most MC’s never get along, some get along with the opposite sex a lot, but that’s not the point. The point is that a MC’s are supposed to be an angry, angry man.

The majority of MC’s do not respect society’s moral morals, especially those to do with the way you should and shouldn’t treat women. They usually don’t think that women should be treated the same as men, especially in regards to the way they should dress (in the sense that they should have all the sexual freedom and sexual agency that men do).

On the other hand, there are MC’s, and there is a certain type of MC’s, who are very respectful toward their fellow human, that may be more sexually conservative and have a very low bar for the quality of their sexual relationships.

Do MC’s think women are sex objects?

Yes. Most MC’s do.

MC’s also tend to think that women are just sex objects and should therefore be treated as such, because of the way she is treated. There is a certain amount of hypocrisy to this, because women don’t feel that most of the time when they are treated poorly and mistreated, it’s because of their gender.

Most women’s experiences are not what is considered the norm for a man. Many women don’t think that a man that is mistreated in this way should just “take it” or be more sensitive.

What is a MCo anyway?

MCo is short for Male-Female-Culture.

The main things to know about a MCo is when they are in an intimate situation, and why they feel that it is the correct thing to do to do that for others.


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