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D.D.A. is the most popular name for the drug dealer who has committed a homicide, so in this sense, he’s the founder. He had a drug problem for a long time, but that didn’t stop him from making it bigger. But then, his own daughter, Gia, was dealing in ecstasy, so he had a problem. It got out of control. He became a drug dealer, and it led to him being arrested. When the police got him, and he wanted to kill them, they got his gun, and he gave it to his daughter. And she used it to kill him.

Why did the drug dealer turn to murder?

Because he lost everything, and there’s a lot of things that he’s lost when you’re living that life and having all the money you might have on the street. You can get yourself killed if you don’t have the money, and you don’t have a big enough gang. He just did not have the clout with the other guys. It was a big thing for him. He was a small-time gangster, and he wanted to be a big-time gangster. That’s what killed him.

Is that a common type of murder?

It happened to all of them, all the time.

Why did it happen to him?

He’d taken the money he was going to get from someone else, and he realized it was going to take his own life.

What would the gangsta rap generation do differently? What would you like them to do differently?

They have to stop saying they’re like Snoop Dogg. They have to stop referring to young people as drug dealers. They should be teaching them a lesson, because these young people have money and power and there’s nothing wrong with being a drug dealer.

In a case that is both chilling and deeply disturbing – and which has come back to haunt the government – the man behind Operation Midland, MI5 detective Andy Stephenson, was shown the door last month after being embroiled in a series of false statements and falsifying evidence when the case against him collapsed.
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An inquiry was opened into Stephenson in February 2012 after five men charged with crimes allegedly committed through the controversial interrogation techniques known as ‘black sites’ – including one involving an alleged attempt to “crush” an unconscious man’s face with a “plastic bag” – were found not guilty.

The five men are alleged to have admitted

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