Who are the top 10 fastest rappers in the world? – Rock N Learn Rap Opening Statement

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With more than 2.2 million YouTube subscribers, Riff Raff is the fastest rapper. He is fast at his own game and as someone who has not been as popular as he was in the early 2000s, can be a surprise favorite here.

Riff Raff, the fastest rapper of all time (3.1 million subscribers to 3.7 million subscribers) was born to rapper Jay Z and singer Rihanna, but his real-life alter-ego was born out of necessity. When Riff Raff was a young rapper (understandably) he needed something to do; he had not grown in any regard since he was an adolescent. Riff Raff’s musical identity came from listening to the music he grew up with in the ’90s, “Riff Raff” being the nickname given to this music that was inspired by his own style of rap. Riff Raff’s persona as a rapper is somewhat unique (a bit different from that which most of us can relate to) as he has very fast tempo and uses fast rapping as his dominant art form. While the style he uses will definitely sound more on the fast side than other rap styles (even many on the rap game today), Riff Raff’s talent comes mostly from a combination of skills. Riff Raff can take whatever you think is going to be funny, or he can make you laugh out loud so hard that people are still yelling at you after 10 minutes of this guy’s music. He has a unique voice with a very high-pitched squawk that can be heard when he raps. He has a very unique delivery and when he does his verse it is very engaging (you can practically hear his nervousness). Riff Raff is also very smooth, and at this high-point in his career he has already mastered the best ways to rap; he raps like himself, but in a very smooth manner that still manages to be very engaging and very engaging for the audience. The reason Riff Raff is in the top 10 is not because he raps really well nor is it because he is the fastest in rap history, the reason Riff Raff is the fastest is because of the style he uses as a rapper that is extremely unique. His style combines fast rapping with his unique ability to make people laugh.

This music video is a must-watch, the clip is just as interesting as the lyrics are entertaining and well produced. I especially enjoyed the final 2

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