Who created rap? – Book Of Rhymes: The Poetics Of Hip Hop

Who was on the cover? (Shout out to Jay Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne and 2Pac.)

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The Alphabet Hip-Hop - Nursery Rhymes - Mother Goose Club

The “New World of the First Century”

John H. Kelly, The First Crusade and the Second Crusade

The Fourth Crusade and the Invasion of the West

By the middle of the 13th century, Christianity had become a worldwide, national religion. From this point forward, the crusade to Jerusalem became the world’s most famous struggle between light and darkness. This series on World History explores the historical setting, culture and politics of the Christian church during the crusades, the historical events that led to the battle, the peoples involved in this pivotal crusade, and the role that the Christian people can play in restoring the peace and prosperity of Europe.

A new edition of the first English-language paperback history of the crusades by the Pulitzer laureate historian John H. Kelly (1873-1968) is now available. As the first Christian history that focuses not only on the Crusades, but also on the crusades themselves, The Fourth Crusade also covers the wars between Christians and Moslems in the Middle East, the wars of expansion by Islam in Africa, the wars of expansion by the Mongols and the Spanish during the Renaissance, and the wars between Catholics and Protestants in Europe. There is also a chapter on modern-day Israel that will be published in book form in 2003.

There is also an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources used in the translation of this valuable history of the Crusades (including the famous 14-volume Apologeme, published by the Catholic University of America Press) that offers the reader comprehensive access to the evidence.

The Crusader: A Crusade That Became a World War is the first in an ongoing series of publications designed to make the first English-language scholarly edition of the medieval chronicle a reality. The books in this series seek to help readers to grasp the complexity of the medieval period and thereby understand more fully the events and causes influencing the development of the Middle Ages and later Europe, including the Crusades.

The Fourth Crusade and its War on Islam is published by Cambridge University Press

For the second time this year, a prominent evangelical pastor has used a Christian podcast to advocate for gay marriage.

After a long week of controversy and discussion around whether Donald Trump would do enough to support the gay community and whether the Republican presidential nominee would support same

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