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“There was a time in New York State when people were doing the ‘New York’ rap,” he explains. “It was the city where the word ‘New York’ originated. There always was a New York group. It was almost like an anti-bureaucracy. I was influenced by hip-hop, but I was also influenced by the word ‘New York.’ When you look at the history, it was a little bit like the way we think about the city. It was very much a part of the history of New York with a New York sound.”

“The Harlem Rap” album was released in 1982 and made its way to the top 10 in the Billboard 200. In the same year, the group released “N’Awlins,” which reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hip-Hop album chart. In 1989, the group signed to Columbia Records, Inc., to release “Inner City Underground,” which reached No. 2 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. The album marked a pivotal point in the group’s career — “Inner City Underground” peaked at No. 6 on the Hot 100 chart and has remained there ever since. The group also earned a Grammy Award in 1991 for “Inner City Underground.”

What inspired you to make music?

G-Eazy: When I was young, I loved jazz. I didn’t learn anything else that I can learn as a jazz musician until I was 14. When I got to high school I learned all of the jazz, hip-hop, rock, funk. When I got to college I learned blues, jazz. When I was young hip-hop was the best thing to be in on. With that in mind, I started making records and they never did come out until we got involved with Columbia. That’s why all of us got together.

“I wanted to be better than everybody. I was always in the streets, listening to records, talking about music. I wanted to rap. It just sounded like more of a challenge and I had to prove to everybody that I could do it, too. I just came from a place, a part at a time, that was trying to do it.”

When did your relationship with the group end?

G-Eazy: I think in ’96 or ’97, ’97, maybe when the “NYC” album came out. The second album we did was with Jay-Z’s group, Roc-A-Fella Records

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