Who is Korea’s fastest rapper? – What Does It Mean To Rap On Beat

This is really a tough one. You have to take a couple of names off the board:

–G-Friend. G-Friend is the fastest-rising artist in Korea right now and his most popular. He released his 7th album on December 28 and just received the most tracks on the Billboard World Albums chart at #1. He’s also one of the most popular in Korea on Beatport. However, he’s yet to release a new song.

–Vocaloid star KARA’s Yuna has been doing well in the market with her hit singles “Sugar Free” and “Sugar Free Cake.” However, she’s not getting her first release in a few months due to a copyright claim.

–Flamin’ Rosé and her album “Flamin’ Rosé” are doing quite well in Korea. While she hasn’t released a new single since June 2015, her social media posts are pretty popular and she’s been doing well on TV shows.

–Koreans love pop singers in general so I’m sure that Yhyoung Jung’s recent comeback will also help her chart in some countries.

–Hwang Chul Min has been doing decent for his age. He has over a hundred hit singles in the Korean market including “Dong Daebyeol” and “Hang Up” from his debut solo album. His best track is “The One” with 1.3 million views and it was recently certified platinum. However, his songs have only been available for download on the site for 2 years.

–Jong Hye Ryun’s hit single “A” was a huge hit in Korea. J Hye Ryun has released 5 tracks on the Billboard World Songs charts in his 5 years.

–TaeTiSeo is currently in the middle of his comeback as well. He released his 4th album on June 18 and is scheduled to release his 2nd single “Good Night (N.E.S)” as a digital single on January 25, 2016. J TaeTiSeo’s current songs have around one million views on the Soundcloud.

But that’s not all!

Since we’re talking about the fastest Korean rapper we also have to take a look at the highest charting Korean rapper.

–Super Junior member Lee Hyori. There have been countless posts on social media, blogs and forum threads saying she’s on the verge of getting her first official release

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