Who is the best rapper ever? – Rock N Learn Addition Rap Cd Cover

Why, with a couple of qualifications, they might as well ask Eminem:

Macklemore. And for that matter, Taylor Swift. Their music is all of a piece, and the two of them are at the top of their respective rap hierarchies. But when we talk about the best rapper ever, no one else comes close. Eminem is one of the biggest and best rapper of all time, his music being revered around the world. The fact that he is able to make all these tracks in under ten minutes with a group of friends, producers, and guitarists, does wonders for the listener. No one else has these songs written down. No one other than Eminem can do so. He is a very hard working producer that knows it; and, he’s a very hard working artist that has it.

This is not to say that Kendrick Lamar can’t achieve the same as Eminem, or even that he doesn’t deserve it. It is in fact his production that makes Eminem so special. It’s a combination of his lyrical writing, beats, and production that makes each song special, the kind that can not only impress the listener, but that just as the listener wants to listen to more.

When it comes down to it, you have to get Eminem’s music for it to be great, no matter what the subject matter. It has to be the beat, lyrics, and the production. And when you hear the album’s excellent production, you will understand exactly why they are some of the hottest and most talked about hip hop albums ever produced. What you like, and what you don’t like.

What is Eminem and Kendrick Lamar’s Greatest Hits?


This is one of the biggest hits that this duo has ever written.

“Walk On Water” Off The Eminem Show (2007)

“Lose Yourself” Off The Eminem Show (2007)

“Lose Yourself (Reprise)” Off The Eminem Show (2007)

“The Way I Am” Off The Eminem Show (2007)

“The Devil In I” Off The Eminem Show (2007)

“I’m Back” Off The Eminem Show (2007)

And if you want to make it a no brainer, “Gone” Off The Eminem Show (2009)

Kendrick Lamar

“Humble” feat. Kendrick Lamar feat. T.I. (2012)

“Humble” feat. Kendrick Lamar

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