Who is the first rapper? – At What Level Does Starmie Learn Rapid Spinning

You know, a guy named Jay-Z. He was like “What the hell is that?” and I was like, “Oh it’s Jay-Z. I used the first one.” So for him to say the word he did…[in the song], it’s all about the streets. It’s just a part of being a rapper! He had one line. I said, “Yo, this isn’t the gangsta rap. I like the gangsta rap” but he didn’t know that. I started talking about it and he went nuts on the microphone saying “I got ’em and I’m on top.” It was pretty crazy.

Did you ever say “I got my own gangsta rap”?

I just called it gangsta rap and made it. There wasn’t, like, a gang of MCs in the first part of the video where we’re in the apartment. I always knew that we were gonna run across some dudes I knew. But I didn’t know what kind. Then I did that song — it was really different from how we are doing the album. It really was gangsta rap. The first week of putting it together, I was like, “Geez man, this is just gangsta rap, I don’t know what it is.” But then I found out it’s just like rap. And it’s a new way to put it in the music. I didn’t find a gang of MCs, but I found my own gang of MCs.
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If I was you, I’d want my own gang of MCs on the song.

You know what I love about it? People can just watch “Famous” and hear the gangsta, and they’re like “Oh that’s what’s up”. Then you’re like, “Yeah, that’s what’s going to become popular.” A lot of it is just trying to take what people feel is the most important thing and make it that. You want people to watch that. You want people to just watch “Famous” but hear something new. Some people watch that song and say, “I’ve been a hip-hop fan for a long time.” I don’t think we’re trying to take anything from “Famous.” All of that just comes from wanting to take something from everyone.

We didn’t want people to go, “What the hell is this? Just like gangsta rap.” Now everybody will use “Famous” to tell you

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