Who is the hardest rapper? – Learn Eminem Rap God Fast Part

It’s like one person to another, I have no problem getting down with any rapper.

The hardest rapper?

It’s just whoever is the hardest, man. You will know who it is.

What is that?

That’s called a ‘Maniac.’

How did you become an Eminem fan?

My mom told me about him the day I was born. She was at the hospital, and she’s the one who got me a copy of The Marshall Mathers LP and the ‘The Slim Shady LP.’

Have you listened to it since then?

Absolutely not.

Why not?

It has to do with me.

You can’t go with your mother.

How else do people get you hooked on Eminem? Does the world need him?

I guess it depends on what you want to be about. When you know your mother hates a song that you can’t understand, so it’s the only music you can get yourself to listen to. Then you find a song that you can understand. If you can get into it, a lot of them are pretty good songs.

Are there any of your favorite songs from his catalog?

There is a track, ‘In the Groove,’ where I had a guitar and I was really trying to learn the songs. But I don’t understand it as much as I should. That one is probably just like a really good old time rock song.

Do you remember hearing an interview earlier this year that spoke of a video game that was set in Detroit?

I was really looking forward to it, and as soon as it started, I thought it was going to be like the movie, and instead it was going to be like a video game.

And that’s just one of the many names that we’ve come up with as a crew to help with the video game.

If you have any other topics, they’re going to be added to the list.

Have you seen the album, “Not Afraid”?

Not Afraid is the first video that I’ve seen from the album.

Well, now you have to know what you’re going to play.

And I’ll tell everyone that I saw The Marshall Mathers LP on the way into the studio, and that’s like the greatest experience I’ve ever had.

What about “The World Is Mine”? Is that

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