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I’ll try to do better if I really try

I’m feeling hungry, so I can’t go fast

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Writer(s): Bae Joong Ki, Jongup Jin, Jung Hwan, Bae Yong Pil

I’ll take a stab at my list of the top-15 games of 2014 so far… I’ll write a post-mortem on what I saw from the games I’m reviewing with a few notes about what I’d consider some of the more interesting games as well!

Let’s begin! What’s your #1 favorite game of the year so far? If there’s one I didn’t include on my list but feel must have, feel free to let me know!

A few caveats:

I’ve only played some games so far:

As I’ve said before I’ve mostly been playing on my own but some of the folks I’ve played with had a very diverse playstyle. So maybe some of these aren’t that representative.

I’ve been very lucky so far to have a friend who is writing these reviews in a very helpful manner in letting me know when they’ve had a difficult game (I’ll update as I get them). So hopefully they help to spread the word (I’m definitely looking at the ‘Best Of 2014’ posts in the future).

I know I missed a couple games. I’ll update and mention that as I play more!

Lastly, I’ll try to be a little more comprehensive and include more reviews over time. Some of these are quite big (I’d hesitate to call them top games), but I’m trying to cut down on the length of this post to cut down on the content!

With that out of the way… on to the games!

15) Card Clash: Epic – The Card Game by The Magic Kingdom Games

The Cards: Epic is a card game for 3-6 players that lets you build decks that look like the cards in a card game. It’s a bit like Magic the Gathering’s “Scenarios” where you build decks, fill them all the way up and then play from your deck.

You can build decks starting with either 1 hero or 2. However, in my experience, I actually prefer the 2 Heroes strategy since you’re building a deck of 2 heroes each, giving you more options in the choices of which heroes you build. (Check out my review to see

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