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In 2010, K-Swift wrote, I was the 1st rapper because I wanted to make a record with me and him on the same label. And we were making records together with other producers like Mike Dean and a few other people. We were doing that all the way up to 2013, and when we came back to my label, it made sense for the record to have someone from my group on it and on the remixing desk because I was a huge fan of ‘Ye. I said that I really wanted to make a record with him.

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Did they actually make the record together?

No. A bunch of people helped us make the record, but it was just two of us. We were making the album together, but he was going through a record deal. Then eventually, when ‘Ye went back in his deal at the end of 2013, we realized that there was nobody else that he could be with at the time. When I was a part of the group, the other two members got their own solo records. So he had a solo record deal, and I had another record deal and it was weird for me to get into another group record, which I wasn’t a member of when I was in that group. So when that stuff happened, I thought, why isn’t ‘Ye in the group? Then he was in our group, and he was so cool.”

Did you guys ever meet him?

Not at first. Then one time, we’re hanging out at a party in Chicago, and I get ahold of him and talk to him for a while. I thought he’d call me, but he didn’t call me. The next time I didn’t get a hold of him. Then when I went back into the group, I thought he would call me. But he had another solo record. He had one solo record. He didn’t even mention meeting me or getting my phone number. I felt like he was just trying to make me feel something. So at the last moment, when we were at a party, I called him. He called me back, and he was so cute and kind of sweet. He actually bought me the album. He bought my first cd that I had ever bought. I had one CD back then, and I remember he was like, “That’s my song.” And I was just like, my song. So it was crazy. We were just really chill. We were just hanging out and listening to music. We

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