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“There just isn’t a lot of music that has the same power of influence, whether that is in the video game, the radio, TV, the movie, or just in the public conversation.”

What do you make of the latest research into rap?
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“It doesn’t really help us and it will hurt us. The last decade has been the best time for the music industry, but we know we need to fix this stuff before someone gets hurt. If we can prevent these artists from getting hurt, they aren’t going to do it when our music becomes popular. I don’t know what their strategy is, but I don’t care. They’re going to go on playing music that’s too popular for them to be a star. If you can’t beat ’em, join em and let ’em have their careers.”

Pit-bull owners should be in no rush

The dog should be “a calm, docile companion” that doesn’t “wriggle” around to stay out of trouble, a dog trainer tells the BBC.

A couple of weeks ago we had a few updates on the situation and our thoughts of the situation in the region. We thought this was relevant so here’s an update to get you in the mood. In the next few days there’ll be updates (not really) from a range of different sources, but mostly about the situation in Ukraine in general and what’s happening in those countries which aren’t represented here in Ukraine and/or are not included.

First some background on the country we’re talking about. If you didn’t live it, Ukraine is a country on the map. It’s got an eastern border with Russia, it’s bordering on the Dniester basin and a fair chunk of that is Moldova, with all its people and a bit more. It gets its name because Moldavian (and Crimean) Moldavians fought with the Nazis in WWII against the Soviets. And then they joined up with the Soviet Union, fought communism and the USSR was, for a while, quite great, but in 1991 their economy collapsed and some of them, mostly ex-Soviet ex-Banderistas, went to Russia to live out their lives. And you see some of those Moldavians in Crimea, in what they call Nagorno-Karabakh or what’s sometimes called the Russian Federation. The situation is bad enough in Crimea that one of last week’s mass murders was supposedly carried out by ethnic Russians in the Crimea

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