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Where did it come from? Why does the man in this case have only two eyes? What does it mean? You will find out.

Episode 7: The Man in the Mirror

D: This is where our heroes are trying to escape, and it is very much like the first day, a bit like when Alice was in The Mirror Castle.

S: And the man in the mirror has one eye.

D: What does it mean?

S: That makes sense, I suppose, but you are not the same man, aren’t you? Why don’t you take them to see the man in the mirror?

D: No, I am afraid I have to stay here. The man in the mirror is very dangerous, and I should be careful.

S: Well, you are going to have to stay there.

D: Yes, but you’re going to stay there with the woman and the children. I’m going to stay here.

S: But you will never understand what it feels like to be trapped like that, will you?

D: Of course not.

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S: Well, you are going to have to stay there though, aren’t you?

D: Yes, because your story is going to end one way, and mine is going to end another.

S: Oh, I don’t know.

D: What kind of story could you tell about the life of a man who is trapped like that?

S: I will see you tonight, as always.








I love this episode. There is something about the way he talks about the mirror, it really gets me to talk to you. We talk about the mirror in a certain way, and in particular the “eye” – we can only see the person’s eyes, we can only know how their behaviour will lead – so the mirror is a kind of “life-sink” for our protagonist.

We also hear about the story of the man in the mirror, and if you didn’t know, there is a certain story about a “breath” which is the source of life for all beings. The story of his story though is one which is really important to you, because there has to be a balance between the story of the man in the mirror and the

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