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Not because someone is trying to cash in on the black market, or because they are all black with a different look and it somehow makes them look out of place as rappers – in fact, it’s a word that comes from the African American community, meaning that these songs are a way of saying you can not only get a job, you can be successful, but to do it, you have to show that you’ve been in your shoes, that you can achieve and it isn’t just easy money. It’s a challenge”

But don’t be fooled by the title of his new mixtape, ‘Lazy Eye’, which is a reference to the fact that he was allegedly “lazy” when he created the song and that is why his mixtape is so well worth listening to:

“Lazy Eye… is a mixtape you hear that’s full of the lyrics that are crazy but still so easy to rap. It was just the inspiration (for it and) I used so much of those lyrics that I needed to find the words that just came to me in one ear and out the other. It’s also a reminder that you cannot take for granted the quality of a talent in this world. You can make it but you have to make it with the right attitude”

A reference to his mother saying his work shows he can be anything he sets his mind to be, as was the case, for example, with the video for his new song, ‘No Limit’. It’s a track that is more focused on the inner workings of the rapper than his work itself; there is only so much you can do within those confines – and in turn the result is that it is a work of art that shows exactly who Dre is as an artist and his potential with the skills that he has been given and the love he has for his art.

‘Lazy Eye’ is available to streaming now for £1.99 and you can buy it on iTunes below.

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