Can anyone be a ventriloquist?

“A ventriloquist is someone who creates human beings that live in the real world while performing in fictional contexts,” the manual explains. “A ‘live action’ would be a person who, in real life, becomes a puppet to be killed, blown up or stabbed. In the virtual world, the person is not a puppet, the character is alive, and he or she is interacting with real life.”

In addition to playing in the real world, a ventriloquist can also be a participant in the game.

“The character’s goal is to find and meet certain criteria: finding the best puppet, collecting five or more items in a short time frame,” the guide says.

The interactive video below shows a few of the games to which the ventriloquist can submit his or her performances.

The first year of its existence, the first annual festival (a la Nederlandse Blad) took place at the Lille Opera House between 1884 and 1888. The first day was filled with opera and music, with two bands playing at the house, as well as bands in the street. By the time the ballroom was renovated, the festival had grown into three days featuring a variety of artists from all over Paris. While the first two days of the festival were dominated by performers from New York, there were also artists from the nearby provinces as well as from Paris. In spite of this, they were mostly not big names.

In spite of their small size, the festival became a place where people and artists alike could come together and enjoy themselves. They held music lessons, a children’s game show called the jouement de vrai (Little Circus), and concerts, and in addition to these, they gave exhibitions of art, literature, photography, painting, architecture, design, etc.

It’s still possible to see many of these exhibits on the Lille Opera House’s website. One of the best pieces to look at is a large-scale statue from the 19th century with various figures, including a woman and child. These were commissioned by Édouard-Louis Drouet, a French landscape painter who lived in the Lille area from 1885 to 1887. They date to 1878, but have since been restored so this piece is still very good, and very expensive at that.

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