Can you talk without lips? – Why Do Children Learn Languages Faster Than Adults

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Can you talk, and not be a liar?

Does a heart not beat and not die?

Are we, on the Earth? Is that you? Am I here? And if I died, what was the world? Where is it, and what was all that was?

What if I was your cousin, or your brother’s brother?

What if I was an infant in a crib of a parent, like my mother?

It was so beautiful, was it not?

I loved you with all the love I could offer.

And, it was lovely. You were beautiful. You were so kind. You never asked for so much. You had it all. What did you need from me, then? When we were on that boat, I just didn’t know what to do with myself. We hadn’t talked about what we wanted and what to do with this life and this life after death. And now I do. And, I feel like I know that that’s what I need to do now. I know that I can’t ever do it alone. I know it’s my responsibility to give back, and to give myself, and to do what I can. And it’s a beautiful thing to do. Is that clear?

What I really needed, was love. To love. But I knew I wanted you to be happy with me. I wanted you to feel that it had really been you that had helped me along the way. But I needed that, too. It wasn’t just a love thing. It was the most important thing for me, with so many things. Did I really need your love? Maybe I did. But I also wanted it to be enough that you could give me more than my own strength. Did I really need to be your lover? Or a partner in making you happy in the end? I didn’t know, really. I didn’t know the answers. I just knew I needed a little more of you, and more of that. And so after so many years together, I was ready and willing to give it to you, and to try to make things good again for us. As for the end, I think that it will be even more beautiful. Maybe we will get to go to heaven and have the rest of our lives there. But just like all my things that were important to me, it will just be a memory of life and an ending. Only this time the memory will be much,

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