Can you talk without opening mouth? – How Does A Ventriloquist Throw His Voice

[13:08:15] “W-we are fighting, isn’t that a good idea??” [13:08:22] “Is your mouth really closed?” [13:08:27] “Ahhhhhh….” [13:08:32] “I get it….” [13:08:43] “And what am I going to do when your mouth opens?” [13:08:46] … “Aww man….” [13:09:02] * Sckarude is thinking, “Wait a second……” [13:09:04] “And let’s assume that I can get you to open your mouth.” [13:09:11] “You know what. It’s over. It’s over.” [13:09:22] “W-what?” [13:09:32] “Get us both out of here.” [13:09:36] “Yah see that’s not gonna happen. It’s not gonna work like that…” [13:09:40] “Wait I’ll get you to open your mouth.” [13:09:44] “But seriously the two of us don’t have a very good relationship and I just don’t want to end up with anyone else…” [13:10:02] “Alright. So we don’t have to go to hell.” [13:10:23] “But we better not waste any time.” [13:10:34] (If we do, it will be because I lost.) [13:10:49] “Ahhhhhh you’re right, the two of us don’t have a very good relationship…” [13:10:53] “Oh come on.” [13:11:01] “Then let’s get these two guys going.” [13:11:19] “It’s an experiment, right?” [13:11:22]

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