Can you talk without opening mouth?

The most important thing of all to learn is how to make good use of the mouth, especially when you will not have one. If you take an empty mouth, it should be a source of great amusement, and the same would be true even in the case of the more experienced mouth. You can use your mouth for everything from speaking to drinking to eating. The most important thing is never to take your mouth out! Take a sip of something as soon as you feel someone touching you. Don’t look down! If you can look down (like in the case of someone holding your hands as you speak), that is a big source of amusement. Always keep your mouth at ease; don’t bite down all the time. That is very dangerous.
But, on the other hand, no one really said that you shouldn’t let your mouth open. People sometimes do it. What I say is that you should keep your mouth wide open in order to be able to take in as much air as you can. This is a source of great amusement. People do it in a lot of different settings. I myself see a lot of people talking with their mouths open, especially if they are drinking beer or wine. This is to make more air flow to a person who is eating. This is a source of great amusement. And this is something I’ve discovered over the years. It goes without saying that speaking from one’s lungs when you are drunk is also a source of great amusement. We can talk in different ways while we are drunk, and it’s always to our advantage to speak more easily when we are intoxicated. It also allows us to talk more coherently in order to maintain a discussion or for a conversation that otherwise would take a long time to conclude. The reason the mouth opens is to create the right balance of air and oxygen so that we will be able to speak and hear, without being interrupted. To make things clear to a person who doesn’t seem to understand.
It’s great to learn that we can talk without opening the mouth. But that same knowledge can also be very dangerous, so people who have to use their mouths do so with great care and attention, and do so when they should not.
Do you have any other tricks for entertaining others and keeping your mouth open during drinking?

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