Did Matt Bennett really voice Rex?

No, because Rex’s voice was a lot harder to play. As a kid, when he was about 8, my grandma would take him out to lunch when we were both in grade school. She didn’t have a lot of money; she worked odd jobs so that she could be with Matt. She taught him all about how to be a father on day one.

After lunch, he started to ask her for a piece of cheese or something that felt good about him and so we’d get lunch and dinner together and talk about life until one day he asked her to make him a piece of cheese and she just said, “I’m too hungry!” I said, “Okay, I’ll make you a piece of cheese because it’s lunch time!” We got our breakfast together and then he asked if I could get dinner with him, and I said sure and we went to dinner with my grandma and my uncles who worked at a restaurant.

When I took my son out to play the day after Thanksgiving, [Rex and Matt] were both there, so I called my friend. I called a woman named Amy who works at the school cafeteria and she said she would call someone who could talk to Matt. She said she went there last week and asked about Matt’s day. She said he’d come to her and she said, “Do you want to come in and talk with them, or do you just want to go to your place?” My friend said, “No, come in and tell the teacher to ask [Matt] to talk to me.”

Later in the morning, I called Amy and she told me that Matt said, “I’m not interested in talking to this lady.” I said, “Okay, maybe we can still make it work.”

I just remember that day very clearly. For the next two years that he came to dinner with me or other relatives, I was always in his room with him. I had conversations with him and I’d look over some things and he’d talk to me about them. I remember him walking around to this door when we was getting ready to leave and when we were all in the hall and he saw the clock on the wall. When he looked over at it, he walked right past that door and he came and saw the clock on the wall and it was 8:48.

That’s what I remember. His parents had brought him a clock before he came and they had set it to 8:48 and he picked that