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This is a complicated question and is an area I want to dive in further into, but I want some basic questions and answers on this as well. If you are just throwing to lefties as a lefty, you probably aren’t too far off. If you throw for one thing, it is to get on the base and get those balls that you threw. With proper technique and good feel, throwing at a higher velocity, you can get that pitch just outside. While I was there, I’ve seen pitchers throw to the wrong side of left and end up looking up at all kinds of things. If you really want to throw to the right you can turn your arm to see if the pitcher is turning as well, though it may not show.

What would be a decent throwing area (on a given day)?

It varies, but if I’m going to throw a certain number of pitches to lefties, I like to start off in the 3-6′ range. From there I start to get a little more vertical to help keep more balls in play and less pitches that were thrown high in the zone. On average, I see between 11-19 lefties a day, probably around 4 a game. If you are going to be a good starter and take your lumps, then you are going to have good accuracy, or so I will say.

What is your secret?
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I try to always be able to throw in rhythm if you will and to get a good pitch in the zone. If you go right, you will get a better pitch thrown right in front of you for a better chance at getting a strike. If you go right with a higher velocity, you have a harder time seeing that pitch and seeing yourself and the strike call. If you throw for a higher pitch count you are going to throw higher velocity when you don’t have to think about that.

Where did your mechanics come from? How did they relate to your game?

I have always been a fastball pitcher. I started throwing a 4-5k/h fastball when I was in high school and really got into that last year in college. I have always had a slight downhill motion that is a bit unorthodox because I was a lefty, but I do like the feeling of moving the leg side to side like it is kind of out of the glove when you swing. I really have always been a very good cutter. When I was at the University of Texas I would throw fastballs

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