How do beginners learn ventriloquism?

First, be confident in your ability!

Have some practice. Go to practice places. You are the one who really needs to improve. There are plenty of great courses available on YouTube and elsewhere online.

You’ll need to learn some music theory and some other general stuff, but that’s okay.

As long as you practice, you’ll feel comfortable. You see some videos with more advanced techniques.

Go forth and practice!

What’s your experience been with ventriloquism? I’ve heard from others that it is extremely difficult to learn in one sitting.

Do you think that learning from mistakes is part of ventriloquism’s nature? (This question came from my previous post, here.)

Do you think that people who don’t practice are simply not good enough? To what extent is motivation the problem? RCT Story Telling Puppet Gloves – Animal Hand Puppets ...
Have you tried using ear training with a partner to learn ventriloquism? Do you know of other methods of ventriloquism other than ear training?

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