How do you close your mouth? – What Is Ventriloquism

There is a tiny bit of foam in your mouth, is that your saliva? So how do you control it?

The answer is to close your mouth when you are doing a trick. Here are some tricks that close your mouth:

If you are juggling a double-weight, close your mouth.

If you have a partner, have him/her close his/her mouth.

If you are doing an action where you must open your mouth, close it.

If you must close your mouth for a trick, close your mouth.

What will happen if you do an action with your breath?

Your mouth will remain open, but there will be something in your breath. This thing is called a exhalation and is also called the exhalation of breath. When you exhale your breath into your breath, it takes the place of your breath.

What happens to your mouth when you close your mouth?

When your breath leaves your mouth, it is going to take some particles from your mouth with it. Some can be particles of saliva that have just arrived, or particles from the air, or particles coming out of your nose.

How do you tell if you are doing a correct trick (or bad trick)?

When you close your mouth for a trick or a bad trick, you should close it while breathing evenly. This means that you should exhale each count, and you should also exhale the entire time.

When you open your mouth before doing a trick, you should open it so that you are breathing evenly, but you should exhale slightly less than before.

If you blow too aggressively, will your mouth close again?

The mouth can close again, but only if the breath is coming out of your mouth and not to your mouth and nose.

If you are going to blow like a rocket ship (or similar), you can control your mouth by closing your mouth slightly when you are blowing. If you are going to blow faster, you can control your mouth by pushing with your mouth while blowing.

If you are going to blow too slowly, you can control your mouth with your arm, or you can control your air volume with your mouth movements.

Ventriloquist's Dummy - 2
If you have done a good trick with your arm, can you blow on your throat just to control your flow of breath?

If you are blowing as fast as possible, you can blow, but you should also blow and exhale

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