How do you make a dummy?

It’s very simple. You’ll have a big hole. Then you’ll make one end of it, put a plastic spoon, some white stuff and some black stuff underneath it. Let the dummy breathe for a while. That will also make it nice and flat. Then you can start making the thing. Now we’re making the hole and the spoon. First we had to turn the piece of cardboard into something for the spoon. And then we covered a part of it (the end of the spoon) with black and then it was very light. It wasn’t big enough for a big spoon. It was enough. So it’s just a little lid for the black stuff and the white stuff underneath.

Once the box was filled, we poured a little liquid into the container. We were planning to put a spoon inside it, but then we realized that it wasn’t really necessary. The lid can be used any time. It’s just different for each person, who is making his own.

Then we filled a few more bowls, and we started the making of the dummy. It’s about 25 minutes, but the process takes a while if the lid doesn’t fit.

The other part is to place the dummy on the table. The dummy will sit behind the spoon. We just start putting food on it. But then, we move it to different places. In that way the spoon can move with it. If it’s still in its original position, we make a little hole in the table and let some water come out. We pour some water again and then we move the dummy again. Then we pour some more water and then place the spoon in the hole.

It’s a simple process. It takes a little bit of effort. But it will change the way you make noodles, and you will learn how to make soup.

That’s it. You’ve made your own dummy! Now, you can start making a noodle dish!




[list title=”Food Preparation Process for Noodle Soup”]

Ingredients for your noodle soup:

1 package of noodles

1 small piece of ginger

1 small piece of celery

1 clove garlic

1/4 cup of oil

1/2 cup of soy sauce

2 cups of water