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First you cut the rope, then you make a bunch of it. You cut the rope so it’s long enough to span the space it will be holding in. When it comes to this exercise, I will be showing you how to draw the cord on the dummy. You will have to move the cord from the end of the rope, then turn the knot so it is in the middle of the knot, so when you open it you will see that the end of the rope is hanging down. Then you place the cord to the side, and you move the cord to the other side until it just makes contact with the middle of the knot. Make sure the cord is tight so that it won’t twist, to the point where the ends of the cord meet in the middle of the knot, then close the knot tight. You will be able to see the cord wrap around the rope, and you will see the cord turn and rotate in the middle. You will see that there is an inside diameter of almost 2 inches, which is the maximum width of the cord. Then you take the end of the rope and wrap it around it, so that you have exactly that diameter of cord you’ve cut to hold the ball from the rope. Then put the cord all the way to the end. Now turn the knot slightly so that it’s just hanging down on the outside of the rope, like a pencil with pencil head going into it. This is the point where it won’t rotate. Now you will wrap that cord around the rope and bring it back the opposite way so it will look like this. And now I’m going to do the reverse of the above exercise. Here we are going to have the cord wrap around, starting from the outside of the rope. Then turn the knot a little bit, as it’s hanging down on the rope. And here is where you will have to flip the knot over so that the inside of the knot doesn’t come in contact with the ball. This can be tricky if you are doing this with your first string in the palm of your hand. Because what gets twisted is the part that is wrapped around. So you have to do the opposite. You will have to hold the outside half of the cord and the inside half of the cord in your hand, and you will place your thumb on the outside side of the cord. Now you will flip it over so the inside of the loop is exposed to the outside, and then, by wrapping the string around that part, it will spin, and you will
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