How do you make a dummy?

The easiest way to make a dummy is using a foam block and foam core. To do this you’ll take 3 pieces of foam and place them on the surface and then lay the foam blocks on top of that surface. This way you’ll have three blocks in each square and you can then place them on top of each other to make a cube, or you can lay them down on the foam. You can do these in increments as you like, for example: If you make only one cube you can just make one. If you make 2 cubes you can make 2 more. You can even use each of the cubes in an entirely different way to make more of them! So, on to the second method. When it’s time to make your dummy you’ll take a foam block from the base and lay it on top of any other foam, making sure it’s not too thick. Using a glue gun, heat the surface over a flame to a level temperature of 350C, then make your hole by filling it with glue. Don’t be too rough or you’ll end up with messy glue and a lumpy piece of foam. A good tip of any kind is to place a bit of wood or something smooth on top of one of the blocks when making a hole for the glue as this will smooth out the foam. Then fill it with wood, a piece of plastic or whatever you find more suitable for your need. Be careful not to leave any pieces of foam sticking to the hole in the wood. I found this by accident while cutting down trees to build a house.
The foam block will now be moulded into a shape. The shape can be an oval, an oval with extra long sides and an elongated body. You can now remove the foam and start to glue the other blocks together. This method should result in a flat face, the same as you’d get if you used a block moulded into shape. If you have more, you can work them into the shape of your dummy by stretching the pieces between your hands. You can then remove the piece where it’s been stretched and the other pieces can be cut out of the foam just before they are glued in. If everything goes according to plan, the pieces are glued into the shape you have made, either on top of each other as mentioned above, or using glue and a glue gun.
Now what?
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Now you’ve made your dummy, it’s time to make it into something more than just cardboard. As mentioned above, you can use either