How do you make a puppet face? – Ventriloquist Puppet Makers

I’ve never quite gotten it, but it really just looks like some strange little face. There’s a very, very slight difference between the two: a face doesn’t have a mouth.

How did you get interested in video games? I guess it came back around 2006, when I made a game that I called Chobit’s Pimpin’ Time in a really obscure little place called The Jungle. And one day someone said that they knew a guy that made video games for a living.

I thought he was a very good name. I think we got to know each other over coffee or something, and I asked him for his phone number, and he said, “Oh, I’m not able to take your call.” And I said, “Sure, I’ll call. What do you want to be when you grow up?” And he said, “I want to be a filmmaker.” So we talked about making short films, because you know, I was into video games, too — I liked to make games for fun and to pass the time until I got an opportunity to make a movie. At some point, we decided to try and get together and get a job. So I met with the executive at Atari, and he basically said I could go in their offices and do interviews if I was interesting. They had a great idea, they invited me. It was in the early stages and they were pretty much starting the game and stuff, and I made a presentation to them and they asked me if I could get some money to go to a video game convention. And so, I went and I met with these guys and they said okay. And then, when I met with them a couple months later, they said, “Oh, we’re hiring.” And I met with them a couple more times and eventually they asked me to come up and interview. I knew they were making a pretty small game, so I asked if they were making a bigger game, you know, if they were going to get a bigger staff. They said they were doing both. So I got a very interesting meeting right there at the Atari office in Long Beach. And one of the producers was a great guy by the name of Eric Bana, and he was a good guy. He was a really good friend of mine; I’d done a lot of things that I really liked doing. But he and his son, Eric, were making a little game called F-X; it was kind of like a puzzle, kind

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