How do you make a puppet face?

There are two ways to do it with our facial animation software. We can use the “Puppet Face Generator” and our custom face generator, the “GIF Face Generator.” You can download and try one of these free tools now!

When using the GIF Face Generator, we use a “face frame” that’s created by our automated facial animation process for each puppet. We then add face frames to our animation and mix them with the background color when recording animation. A typical “face frame” is as follows:

Puppet face frame

Puppet (left) / Girl (right)

Puppet face frame

Girl (left) / Girl (right)

Girl face frame

GIF Face Generator – How it works

Let’s say you have a Puppet face frame created by the GIF Face Generator. You can put the GIF Face Generator tool on your computer (or iPad/iPhone/Android devices) in your “File” menu, and import it into your face tracking software, the face tracker. Our “Face Tracking” software will then export an animation frame that you can animate your puppet with!

If you already have our face tracker, our “Face Tracker” can automatically record all the puppet face frames and automatically export them into the format you find most compatible with your face frame software.

Using the “Face Tracker” is great because it enables you to record all the puppet face frames from one session for later playback on your favorite device! This is especially handy when you want to see different aspects of each character face, or when you want to track an animated character for a specific animation!

To import a face frame into the face tracking software, just click on “Import” in the file browser, or use the tools provided in the “File Menu” section of our free Face Tracker!

Let your imagination run wild!

We love animating the faces of our characters! Here’s a couple of quick examples that illustrate what our face animators are creating on a daily basis.

To see what our characters look like from different angles, click on the images below:

To see more face frames for our characters, visit our Facebook group, and follow us on Facebook. You can find us at and find more like us on our Instagram feed!

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