How do you make a puppet? – Secret To Ventriloquism

We make a real puppet!

But we don’t have real puppets to start with. Our current puppets are puppets made of paper.

We had some paper cut in half, so we can put each side on one line, and this is how we get our puppet shapes:

A Wonderful c.1880 Ventriloquist’s Dummy; ‘The Sailor’ by ...

Now we need to cut the paper down a bit, so that we can see which sides are up, and which sides are down. (It looks like this:):

Now we can glue the two halves of the paper into the end of this line to make our puppet. So, as the paper is folded, we need to move a little bit to the left, to keep the two halves together:

Now we just stick the two halves together in the top, bottom, and left sides of the puppet. The right sides are up now, and we need to put the bottom sides up. So we do that right now:

And now we’re done!

It’s only been a little over a month, and we’ve built a little puppet made of paper. In the meantime, I’ve kept a look out for more puppet maker and puppet maker books and videos and tried to make myself better acquainted with the process. It’s an arduous process, as the material can be a bit tough to work with. However, you can make lots of little puppets if you make a few things right. It’s really fun to make a little living puppet, and it’s an excellent introduction to making your own things.

Now go make some puppets and make them nice.

(Or just play around with your puppets!)

I have a number of posts from the past few months on this blog. In the past, I’ve talked about how I got into crafting, how to make my own clay and how to make homemade toys. So if you’d like to see them, I suggest checking them out now. There’s a few different kinds of crafts you can make for your puppet (it’s important to make the whole thing!), so you’ve got some variety to choose from. In addition, I have a couple of video-blog posts about how I made a couple of the other puppets in the book (I made a little kid’s puppet called Chica!)

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Here is the video of the

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