How do you make a puppet voice? – Ventriloquist Methods

For my audition I asked: What would people be saying to their puppet if we could speak to them directly? The next time I got a call back they showed me the voice they wanted from me. It was quite amazing!

Is it difficult to do voice work in the Philippines, a place few people ever get to visit?

I think so. Sometimes you find yourself trying to find the right words, or you might not even know what direction is being led by the storyteller. There’s also the fact that everyone’s voice is different. Some of us are a little more quiet and others maybe a little more energetic. In reality, everyone’s voice is exactly the same.

I saw on one blog that you guys are into voice work – does that make sense?

I’ve been doing voice work from a young age. I had a lot of fun as a kid when I did “Kung Fu Chicken”. If you don’t have a good sense of direction you can run off on a tangent sometimes and get lost in your own world. Also, I’ve always enjoyed learning how to speak and have enjoyed doing a wide range of accents and languages.

What’s next for you, after “Sisters” comes a new show with an all-female line-up?

I’m in talks with a network, so at the moment, I don’t know what it is I’m working for… I have a lot of ideas I would like to explore… There’s also this project I’m doing a lot of work on. I’d like to explore this line-up as much as I can.

What kind of projects are you working on?

My “Kung Fu Chicken” voice role is one I did for a local comedy festival called “Kung Fu Festival Philippines”, but there are a host of other gigs that have already come out, not to mention other projects that I’ve had in the plans… And “Sisters” will become my full-time job in a matter of months!

Have you ever considered an acting career, or did it just pass you by as an option?

I thought about it. I never really thought about it, that was probably a bad move! One thing that stuck with me was the notion that you have to be the best you can possibly be regardless of what other people say. So I did get a bit of backlash from my parents for being such a good student and studying hard for my tests

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