How do you make a sock puppet mouth? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvds Releasing This Week

How do you make a face puppet mouth? You don’t even need a puppet, just a mask. Here’s an example. To make a puppet mouth, I used a paper mask and a rubber chopstick.

There’s also a method you can use with a mask which allows you to make more complex puppets. Here’s a video below from the YouTube Channel, Making Stuff.

So how do you make a mouth that doesn’t fit in your mouth, but fits in the mouth of another person? This trick is called projection. It involves making a face which is not really a face, but one which can fit into a mask.

1. Make the face with a mask and another person as shown below.

2. With the mask, put your hands firmly on the face and pull it to the side to create room for the mouth. Then push your hands back toward the other person so they can use the mask in the mouth, and make sure the mouth doesn’t go too far forward, like to hang down from where it started.

This is what’s done in this video:

If you make a mouth that has “eyes”, then make the mouth eyes first. Otherwise we could use your mouth eyes or a mask that has a hole in it for eyes. For example, if you did that with a rubber chopstick, you’d cut your hands so they can’t move. That would be how you create a mouth which can fit on your own cheek.

If you know the mask you’re using, then just make the mouth eyes and do something like that.

Make sure to do it slowly.

Make sure to keep a small space between the mouths.

3. Now use a mask and hand to make a more complex puppet. I like to use a mask like the one below. This one looks a lot more realistic, but the process is easy.

4. With the mask off, turn the face over to make a face which fits in the mask. With the mouth on, push your hands back so they don’t go further out. This will put some space between the mouth and the face.

Note that when you’re doing this in an environment with a ceiling, try to keep the face in the same position when you create the puppet so the puppet won’t appear crooked or unnatural. It’s more realistic for a mask.

5. Do it again, this time using the mask. Be careful to do it

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