How do you make a ventriloquist dummy? – Axtell People Puppets

Simple, but so much of it depends on the individual. Each has its own set of needs—your voice and body tone, what noises get louder and softer; how much of your body you bend during the act; how much you stretch; what kind of body you make your dummy.


There are hundreds of different types of ventriloquists and they all share several of the same general needs.

Body Language: Most people are more comfortable with a dummy that is closer to human shape. A human face will make a more convincing dummy, a more human-like figure to use as a “voice,” and a face will make a better impression on the audience. While most people can have a good impression of a face, a good ventriloquist has a voice that is more human.

How You Create a Ventriloquist Dummy: Many people believe that creating a dummy that is less human is more difficult than creating a human figure for a vocalization. You need to take the elements from another person’s personality and take those out of your own. For example, if you say, “That dummy is good for the voice” and make a voice that is, say, a little higher pitched and slightly lower in register (which makes him more like, say, a baby’s voice), then you create some humanness into a non-human figure.


Most people have a set of body mechanics they like that they use to create a dummy, whether they are doing vocalizations or doing voice training. For instance, some people find the trickiest is to find a posture that looks natural and is comfortable for you. They also want to have a good body tone (which you can find on your ventriloquist’s web site).

Body language is important not only for creating a voice that is human, but also for making a dummy that is a perfect balance of the human and non-human components. There is a balance you’ll need to feel comfortable with, but it’s not a hard balance. When you can make something that feels like your body and voice, it doesn’t sound weird. It sounds human.

The easiest way to create a voice and body that have a perfect balance for a ventriloquist dummy is to try and get a similar person to do it for you. When you have someone to copy, you can take the elements you like from that person and do them yourself for yourself. You don’t have to worry as

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